Rebuilding a Fair
Music Industry

Decentralized Distribution, Licensing,
Attribution & Royalty Payments

Mediarite is building
a decentralized backbone
for the music industry.

Artist only make 12¢ for each dollar generated by their music. We believe it’s time for them to be paid fairly. That’s why Mediarite is building a single platform that will let artist upload their music directly to music streaming & download services.

Our platform seeks to bring creators and Digital Services closer than ever, so that artists can collect more royalties and Digital Services have lower costs.

For Creators & Content Right Owners

Use a single platform to register, distribute and track the performance of your songs, while collecting a bigger percentage of the royalties from streaming apps.

  • Simple work registration & attribution
  • Audio file hosting & distribution
  • Manage your catalogue & track its performance
  • Accelerated royalty payments
For Digital Service

Reduce your cost of content, while building a closer relationship to you’re most precious partners, artists.

  • Direct relationship with creators
  • Reduced cost of content
  • Enhanced Metadata
Sept 2018
Product Concept
Jan 2019
Proof of concept
Prototype Development
April 2019
Pilot Partner
June 2019
Pilot Launch
Dec 2019
Seed Financing
March 2020
Platform Launch
The Mediarite team
Adrien Stern
Co-Founder & CEO
Angeleen Wilson
Co-Founder & CTO
Walid van Boetzelaer
Co-Founder & CPO
Nihar Delal
Blockchain Developer
Ivona Petrovic
UX/UI Design
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